U S Postal Service Crimes

The U.S. Postal Service is out of control. No one within their regime will do anything about the crimes committed by El Dorado Springs, Mo. and now Camdenton, Mo. postal service employees. Domestic abuse victim being denied delivery of her mail after complaining about postal worker messing up RETURN of mail her ex failed to pickup.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Where do you sleep, Ms. Moran?

August 1, 2006 Stacy Moran missed over five more hours of work, went to a notary and again signed papers regarding her complaint against the USPS and then appeared at the Camdenton, Mo. post office accompanied by Marvalene Pankey (who had to drive 160+ miles round trip, without air conditioning in the over 100 degree temps). Stacy asked for the postmaster and was told she was not in. She then asked for her mail and David on the counter said she'd need to fill out an application for a post office box. Knowing that was absurd, but anticipating the hassle Stacy Moran proceeded to step aside (being forced to get to the back of the line as required by David)and filled out a NEW application for a post office box (although she has had a post office box for certain business purposes for over a year there and had recently paid for the renewal without hassle)and adding Marvalene Pankey to the box. Copy was then made of that application. A female employee came out and insisted the postmaster was NOT in. After waiting in line again both tried to show photo and other acceptable ids with that application, however, David immediately said "You can't have a post office box here without a local address." Marvalene Pankey asked him to produce the regulation he was basing that on and he said he did not have to. She then asked for the Domestic Mail Manual and he at first said he didn't have to produce that either. She told him he most certainly did because the regulations require it to be in each post office and available upon request. Seeing he was not succeeding through attempted intimidation he slammed the large Domestic Mail Manual on the counter. Marvalene proceeded to start looking for the regulation regarding post office box applications, asked him if he would like to save time by finding the appropriate regulation, and he again asked both to step back away from the counter over Marvalene's objection they should not have to keep getting to the back of the line. Once the regulation was found he gave permission for the book to be taken to the copier for copying the pages. David had kept Stacy Moran's drivers license and he told Shawn, who was on the other counter, he was going outside. Stacy demanded the return of her photo id. While Stacy and Marvalene were waiting for David to return Shawn told them the postmaster was on her way in to handle this matter and had asked they please wait. It was now just a few minutes before closing time.

Camdenton, Mo. Postmaster Carla Helton, who did not reveal her name until the end, insisted both were to go into the back room of the post office behind a locked door. She invited Stacy be seated in the one chair and amidst trays of mail. Marvalene stood and kept her hands behind her in case anyone later claimed there was missing mail. The postmaster left the room. Upon return she asked Stacy Moran "Where do you sleep?" and then proceeded to ask that several times, including "Let me ask this again, when and where do you sleep?" and "How often are you at 307 W. Fields?" Both Stacy and Marvalene were somewhat stunned at this invasion of privacy and both spoke up objecting to the questioning. Marvalene asked how many men, Mexicans, or homeless people she had asked those same questions to and also for the regulation that permitted such a line of questioning to attempt to get the mail that had been delayed or stolen after a complaint against postal employee Darrel Martin. Each time she would ask Stacy where she wanted her mail delivered the answer was the same---like it is addressed, which most of the time will be to Marvalene's address. Finally the postmaster said she must call El Dorado Springs, and "verify you live at 307 W. Fields". After leaving the USPS victims alone amidst the mail again the postmaster returned to escort Marvalene Pankey from the room stating she had to talk to Stacy Moran alone. As she exited to the other side of the locking door Marvalene Pankey stated "And you, of course, have no plans to let her have her mail delayed since at least May today." After twelve minutes and after the post office had been closed otherwise (as if reading MPs thoughts that she would wait only fifteen minutes before making phone calls) the postmaster unlocked the backroom door to let Stacy Moran out with at least some of her mail. The postmaster then tried to shake MPs hand as if she had just earned a reward of some sort. MP refused the handshake and coldly said "And you had Stacy sign what?" The postmaster proudly produced a "US Postal Service Routing Slip" stating, From: Stacy Moran at her Camdenton, Mo. post office box 8/1/06 and with remarks that her mail is to be delivered as addressed. And as if she hadn't said any of this upteen times previously, a final line "I give permission for any mail addressed to me at 307 W. Fields,... to be delivered to Marvalene Pankey." Then signed by Stacy Moran and witnessed by Carla Helton. Marvalene Pankey added there was no way of knowing how much of the mail was still missing and the postmaster insisted the mail she had given to Stacy LOOSE (although El Dorado Springs, Mo. postmaster Fritts claimed to have sent it priority mail, which would have been in a packet) was all she had rec'd.

It should be noted the certified sent to Stacy's ex March 22, 2006 and arrived for return on or about May 8, 2006 had been opened (in spite of glue stick and tape) and was all dirty and marked on. No wonder Fritts had inside information he could have only gotten from Jay Moran OR from snooping in that packet.

Time will tell whether Fritts and Martin will permit delivery of Stacy's mail where it belongs in El Dorado Springs, Mo. and how much mail was never delivered. They both must be fired along with Harold Jay Jay Hughes, Nichole Smith, and Connie Mori---liars should have no place in the U.S. Postal Service. CONgress must take action to reign in the obviously out of control postal service, who have defended rather than disciplined stalkers like Fritts and Martin. Stay tuned for further develops in this non MOOT matter.

Managing Counsel USPS Law Dept. Western LIES

In a letter dated July 28, 2006 to Ohio attorney Harold J. Hughes (who appears to have signed his name as Jay Jay), managing counsel for USPS Law Department, 9350 South 150 East, Suite 800 Sandy, UT 84070-2716, 801=984-8400 and fax number 801-984-8401 proclaimed the issue of "mail delivery for Stacy Moran, El Dorado Springs, Mo. Post Office" was moot "Since our client has received direct communication from our customer, Ms. Moran, as to her mail delivery preference, and as we have no reason to believe Ms. Moran is not competent to stateher preference, her wishes would appear to moot the issue as to where your paralegal, Ms. Pankey, might wish Ms. Moran's mail delivered." Then he went on to whine about his office being so over extended and to brag on the paralegal, who had claimed she did not have supervising attorney, Nichole Smith's abilities to resolve "mail disputes".

Harold J. Hughes may claim to be an attorney, but he sure doesn't know to stick with the facts. At no time did Marvalene Pankey state her own wishes for where Stacy Moran's mail was to be delivered and at any and all times Stacy Moran clearly had on file with the USPS address cards and affidavits clearing telling them where to deliver her mail and that happened to be to Marvalene Pankey's home address. Nothing was moot on July 28, 2006 because Stacy Moran still did not have her mail and had been denied access to her mail since May 8, 2006 when she and Marvalene Pankey complained about post office employee Darrel Martin for his failure to properly give notice of the return of a certified legal packet Stacy Moran had sent to her ex March 22, 2006 and the USPS managed to delay it until May 8, 2006 and ultimately until August 1, 2006.

Harold J. Hughes is a liar and the USPS is obviously totally out of control and in need of major changes by Congress.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Connie Mori Lies Claims She and Stacy Resolved the Problem

Approximately 2:35 p.m. this afternoon another postmaster, who is trying to help, e mailed that Connie Mori told her she spoke with Stacy and they have resolved the problem.

However, Stacy has confirmed she has never spoken with Connie Mori and had no messages from her.

"Your Drivers License Photo Does Not Look Like You"

The latest excuse by the Camdenton, Mo. postmaster, a female who was dumped the problem of Stacy Moran's mail by Postmaster "Mike" Fritts, who stalked and harassed her since May 8, 2006 and recently revealed he knew Stacy, her family and past from childhood, IS "the picture on your drivers license did not look like you". Photo taken by Mo. Department of Revenue office not good enough for the US Postal Service WHEN THEY DECIDE TO TREAT SOMEONE LIKE A TERRORIST/CRIMINAL after thair employees mess up and violate the rights of consumer(s).

The Camdenton, Mo. postmaster also claims Consumer Advocate Connie Mori gave her orders regarding Stacy Moran's mail, but would not give details regarding this never heard of previously person.

Stacy Moran still does NOT have her mail and each day it has been stolen from her she and her son are being damaged.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

US Postal Service Crimes

What can be done to stop stalking, out of control U.S. Postal Service Employees? Is there anyone in the media free enough to help expose this?

Why can't Stacy Moran have her mail delivered to the address of her choice? Isn't it stalking or worse to take mail back out of a mail box, demand personal appearances, and deliberately delay mail delivery unless demands are met? Isn't it a civil rights violation of equal protection under the laws, denial of freedom of association, and invasion of privacy to deliberately delay delivery of mail and make unreasonable (and apparently personal vendetta/revengeful) demands for delivery of mail to the wrong place? Why do jerks from the Bates County, Mo. area want to continue to spit on SM and try to treat her like she's frozen in time? Since Stacy Moran's mother was murdered, one can only wonder what involvement someone Postmaster Fritts knows must of had? (Isn't it true even accessories to a murder or those who cover it up can be charged forever and ever?) Or is Fritts just out to get revenge? Being paid to help SM's ex husband to continue his harassment and abuse and stop the custody change to protect SM's son? Trying to help insure SM cannot collect the proceeds from the sale of her inherited land? Upset that MP perhaps also was his school teacher and didn't remember him? Did he almost flunk arts and crafts or have to have some sort of classroom discipline and never accept responsibility for his own actions? Letting Darrel Martin keep his chain pulled and actually steering his decisions? Or just what IS the problem? It seems there is a different story each time someone with the USPS speaks or writes and THE VICTIM(s) ARE THE ONES BEING TREATED LIKE TERRORIST/CRIMINALS versus the USPS employees being disciplined for their actions.

(Psycho stalker Fritts e mail is WILLIAM.M.FRITTS@usps.gov )

The facts---

August, 2000 while Marvalene Pankey(MP) was on the statewide campaign trail El Dorado Springs, Mo. USPS employee, Darrel Martin, took her mail back out of her home mail box at night "when you did not come home last night". When MP complained Martin's colleague lied and called the feds claiming she "threw" a "box of candy" or was that "bowl of candy" or "piece of candy" inside the post office. Months later the U.S. Atty personally announced "petty" charges statewide. (The information was filed as violation of a postal regulation and placed in federal criminal court.) In an attempt to coerce a plea bargain for federal prison time and divide and conquer to destroy MP's fight against Mo. corruption and vote fraud, allies of MP were questioned and harassed and told she was facing 20 years prison time AND the local post office also refused to deliver MP's mail for weeks. Finally delivered it only after intervention by another postmaster and shortly before Christmas 2000, but brought it in a tub marked "federal offense to possess" and blocked the front door from the outside with the large accumulation of mail. After considerable expense and trauma to MP the U.S. Attorney's office eventually (years later) dropped the charge.

Darrel Martin continued his harassment to and stalking of MP and her mail.

From October, 2003 forward Stacy Moran(SM) had various addresses, including MP's home address. (She was trying to avoid being stalked by her abusive ex and later also another abusive male, plus simply did not wish to open her own mail.) Her mail delivery was often fouled up, however, numerous items were delivered to MP's address which SM often had as her home address.

November, 2005 SM mailed change of address renewals to Mundelein, Il. post office and also to El Dorado Springs, Mo. post office (in reference to items addressed to the house next to MPs). Although it is not believed either card was actually mailed in El Dorado Springs, Mo. "Jill" at that post office confiscated both cards somehow and mailed them to SM's Camdenton, MO. business address post office box questioning who filled out the cards even though SM had obviously signed them.

December 2, 2005 Darrel Martin caused delayed delivery of certified letter to MP by refusal to properly fill in the form and reveal the sender. MP filed a complaint.

December 14, 2005 Lake County, Il. sent copies of court records to SM at MP's address. Copies were never rec'd. Postmaster Fritts was notified. Court eventually sent another set of the copies.

January 13, 2006 El Dorado Springs, Mo. Postmaster Fritts e mailed MP that he was at her door prior to daylight, 6:06 a.m. (01/13/06 06:06)

January 13, 2006 MP's home was broken into and her computer gone through. Internal security showed the break in included 1:25 p.m.

March 22, 2006 SM caused to be mailed a certified letter to Gerald Moran at his only known address, a Post Office Box in Buffalo Grove, Il. It is believed that is the letter Darrel Martin messed up the return of on Slade Moran's birthday, May 8, 2006.

March 23, 2006 Lake County, Il. court returned file stamped copies to SM at MP's address. Those copies were never delivered to the address by the El Dorado Springs, Mo. post office. The court had to mail another set of copies.

(Woman believed to be "Jill" was observed going through mail at the outside mail deposit box at the El Dorado Springs, Mo. post office acting as though she was taking out certain items or hunting for certain items.)

May 8, 2006 (on SM's son's 14th birthday) El Dorado Springs, Mo. USPS employee, Darrel Martin, did not knock at MP's house, but left a slip claiming SM had to sign for the return of a certified letter she had attempted to send to her ex husband and needed for court. MP and SM complained to Postmaster Fritts. No second slip was ever left regarding this return of certified mail.

From that complaint forward, Postmaster Fritts stopped all delivery of Stacy Moran's mail to her address on file, MP's house, EXCEPT for what he or the Consumer Advocate-KC sent.

May 31 and June 1, 2006 USPS Consumer Affairs, KC, Mo. stalked SM's cell phone and attempted to harass her at work regarding the mess Fritts and Martin had made. (SM's mail had already been delayed nearly a month.)

June 12, 2006 Postmaster Fritts e mailed SM that she had sat in his office and told him MP was never to have her mail and that SM would have to personally appear in his office before any mail would be delivered to her.

June 16, 2006 SM took off work, used gas, and personally appeared before a bank notary for an affidavit of personal appearance and to state she never told Postmaster Fritts or anyone at the El Dorado Springs, Mo. post office not to deliver her mail to MP's house address.

In spite of the fact, he had caused numerous items of SM's mail to be delivered to MP's house prior to May 8, 2006 the El Dorado Springs, Mo. postmaster then sent an undated letter to SM signed as "Mike Fritts" and stating SM had on or about August 1, 2005 phoned and told him never to deliver any of her mail to MP's house. He also stated "If you want your mail sent to 307 W. Fields or sent to your po box in Camdenton please call me at 417-876-3311 or 5698."

Then contradicting himself again, Postmaster psycho stalker Fritts sent a letter stating all of SM's mail would be returned to sender if not picked up personally by SM by July 31, 2006.

July 17, 2006 Ohio Attorney contacted psycho stalker Fritts by e mail.

July 18, 2006 Ohio Attorney had alleged "legal" response from Fritts via paralegal Nichole Smith in Utah, who for the next three days ran the issues in circles and tried to present new reasons for non delivery of the mail.

July 19, 2006 Nichole Smith demanded MP's power of attorney authorization from SM, but refused to provide information as to the attorney supervising her.

SM knew the Ohio attorney appeared to be letting the USPS or their imposters steer his effort and MP planned to distribute info. regarding Fritts and Martin for the 125th El Dorado Springs, Mo. picnic on the 21st, 22nd and possibly picket the post office as well.

July 20, 2006 SM called psycho stalker Fritts, who told her he will NOT deliver her mail to MP's house. (In spite, of his earlier letter telling her to choose where to send it and call.) He began his conversation with proclaiming he knew SM as a child and his father wired her parents house and he was also personally present. Fritts also commented MP does not answer her door and "peeks out". Attempting to introduce yet another issue, he also stated SM's identity had been stolen, but failed to explain. In spite of SM telling him to deliver the mail to MP's home address he insisted he would "take care of it" and would send it to the Camdenton, Mo. post office although he was told SM does not pick up mail there, MP would have to drive many extra miles in the heat and waste gas, AND that would only cause considerable additional delay plus get him off the hook that perhaps the Camdenton, Mo. post office lost or delayed delivery he stole or simply did not send.

July 20, 2006 also El Dorado Springs, Mo. postal employee placed mail for Myrtle Smith, 307 W. Lafayette in MP's box. Mail is mis delivered at least once a week-10 days, although generally for Mowry on Pine St. MP's mail is often delivered open, torn, dirty, or as empty envelopes. Of course, most of the time these problem occur on days Darrel Martin claims to deliver the mail.

July 20, 2006 Ohio attorney sent letter to USPS General Counsel (who had already been sent an earlier complaint by SM), who is apparently originally from Mundelein, Il. area.

July 22, 2006 SM personally appeared in the Camdenton, Mo. post office to pickup whatever mail El Dorado Springs, Mo. Postmaster Fritts had supposedly sent there. A very cold, harsh appearing woman proclaimed the Camdenton, Mo. postmaster had locked SM's business mailbox (in spite of the fact it had recently been renewed) and told SM to produce two photo ids in order to obtain mail. The woman refused to look at SM's drivers license and insisted she must have to photo ids. She told SM this was for "your own protection". After SM told her El Dorado Springs, Mo. postmaster had violated her civil rights by transferring mail there and making it impossible to obtain it the woman told her to produce her car registration, which, of course, does not have a photo on it. SM left the post office and again called El Dorado Springs, Mo. post office and asked for Postmaster Fritts, who had told her 07/20/06 he'd "take care of it" and all she would need to do was go into the Camdenton, Mo. post office and show her drivers license and pickup her mail. "Jill" answered the phone and said Postmaster Fritts is on vacation for two weeks. She proceeded to state she was most concerned about a certified letter from SM addressed to "Jay" (the letter was addressed to Gerald Moran---only a few people call him Jay) and he refused it and that "Marvalene" would not sign for it. "Jill" checked Fritts desk and reported that letter also went in the "priority mail" packet sent to Camdenton, Mo. IN SPITE OF NO FORWARDING ADDRESS NOR EVEN VERBAL PERMISSION from SM to send it over there, where she had to miss work to try to get it, but still could not pickup her mail stolen from her since at least May 8, 2006.

Why can postal workers apparently think they can stalk women and refuse to deliver the mail as on file and as addressed? Psycho stalker Fritts apparently claims to know SM and may also claim to have been a student of MP, who taught at Stacy's school. Good grief, doesn't the fact he has tried to act as though he's a childhood friend or foe, make what he has done even worse? And who in the world is "Jill"? Why would she be referring to Gerald Moran as "Jay"?

*It is believed that at all of the above times and certainly during this time of the mail not having been delivered (May 8, 2006 to present) SM had on file with the El Dorado Springs, MO. post office that her mail no matter how addressed was to be delivered to 307 W. Fields, El Dorado Springs, Mo. 64744. It is also believed much of the mail held and possibly sent off into the wild blue yonder to Camdenton, Mo. was addressed to that address or to c/o Marvalene Pankey at that address. Fritts was not the postmaster in 2000. Thus far no government officials nor agencies have given an appearance of having done one thing to restore delivery of Stacy Moran's mail to the address of her choice NOR to insure it is delivered period.

(Psycho-stalker Fritts e mail is WILLIAM.M.FRITTS@usps.gov 417-876-3311 or 417-876-5698 and you may contact the Camdenton, Mo. postmaster at 573-346-2011)